Essay on Family Structure Of The American Family

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Family life has changed dramatically over the last century. The delay of marriage is one of the biggest changes that has occurred in American families. People are waiting until they have finished their education to marry, which has an impact on parenting when they become parents. Another significant change that has occurred in American families is the structure of a typical family, so much so that the typical family of a father, mother and 2.5 children has all but disappeared. The family structure can be the popular image of a mother, father and children or it can be a divorced mother or father and children or a mother or father and their partner and children. These are just two examples of the changes to the American family that have occurred. In families, children are usually most affected by these types of changes. Some of the changes to American families have been advantageous to children, while other changes have been not so advantageous to children.

One of the most advantageous changes for children that has occurred in the American family since 1900, revolves around the fact that more and more people are waiting to marry. The median age for marriage for men rose from 22.5 years in 1956 to 29.2 years in 2013, and in women from 21.1 in 1959 to 27.5 in 2013 (Lundberg, Pollak & Stearns, 2016). Many people, are waiting until they have completed their education to marry and consequently have children until they are older. Waiting until a person is older and has completed…

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