Family Unit Essay

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The family unit is an important part of the society which has greatly undergone drastic

changes. Many pointers like the media have shown how various changes of the family have

taken place throughout the decades. The media especially television has given valuable input on

how a family was viewed at a certain point in time (Anderson & Taylor 400). Many television

shows have been produced that point out the various changes happening in the society. The

definition of the family institution as consisting of the father and mother has greatly been

challenged (Leigh 162).

The family basically was made up of the father, mother and children though some

included grandparents, uncles and aunties which made up extended families. The media
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They thus

blackmail nations to support such groups and therefore contravene sovereignty soft these nations

in making decisions concerning their countries. The family TV shows of the modern day era

have shown significant erosion in terms of addressing the elders and their peers. In the TV show,

‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, the children have bigger and are not as submissive to their

parents as had been in the last two or more decades. The parents as a result have become

permissive and let their children do what they want. This is evidenced by people working more

hours and staying away from their homes as opposed to the past where the father went to work

and the wife remained at home and took care of the children. In the past two to three decades

most of the people practiced farming and therefore every member was involved and assigned

various duties. Urbanization rapidly took place which led to many people moving to towns. The

towns did not have enough housing and slums cropped up. The slums came with various vices

like prostitution, crime and other evils. These evils later came to define the society and
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Therefore the absence of responsibility and accountability led to the predicament that the society

was in at the present time. Modernity came with a lot of liberalization. Most of the people who

flooded the towns were youths in search of green pastures. The towns eventually became

crowded and the evils mentioned above began to happen. As modernity took place and people

were far away from their homes the society continued to be eroded. The people in towns who

were not affected were the rich who had better homes and provided for their children and

ensured that they stayed in the confines of the home. Most of the television focused on the

people in the city. At the time the core values of respect and honor that was directed at the family

unit was watered down and people started focusing on themselves only and what they wanted

hence selfishness.

The society eventually became divided into two whereby there were the rich and poor

people. The rich became richer while the poor became poorer and depended on welfare stamps.

The present day has this gap that has so increased and left many people homeless and

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