Family Relationships : Family Of Origin Essays

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Family Relationships
Family of Origin:

Ms. Lowe stated that she was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Her parents were Teresa Lowe and Ricky Cunningham. Ms. Lowe reported that her mother and father were together until her mother passed away in 1994 from liver failure. She reported that her father was not in a significant relationship thereafter. Ms. Lowe stated that went to reside with her grandmother, Betty Lowe. She reported that grandmother cared for her until she became an adult. She reported that she rarely received spankings growing up, and was rather placed in timeout. Ms. Lowe reported that she has 1 sibling, Mr. Richard Lowe. Mr. Lowe resides in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio, he is said to not have any investigative history to her knowledge. Ms. Lowe reported that she still has a good relationship with her brother and speaks on a weekly basis.

Ms. Lowe reported she has 4 children: Monica Lowe of Dallas, Texas, Rikeisha Jackson of Dallas, Texas, Demetrea Winn of Dallas, Texas, and Shashunha Thompkson –deceased. Demetrea is the mother lf the children being placed and is believed to have criminal history in addition to CPS history. Monica is also believed to have criminal history. Rikeisha does not have any criminal history; however is believed to have CPS investigative history. Shashunha passed away at 4 months of age in 2002 due to undermined causes. Ms. Lowe reported that she has a good relationship with all of her children ,and talks to them regularly.…

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