Essay on Family Relationships During The Solberg Family

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To some people, family may not be important. For the reason that maybe, they grew up without the love of their parents or simply because maybe they just weren’t around. Those are the first things that come up to my mind when I think of the topic but there are probably many other different reasons why family may not be important to some. However, to other people family might mean everything, and that was the case for the Solberg family in the Family Saga of “Some did not Come Back.” The Solberg Family was exceptionally close, as the three siblings mention throughout their letters. World War I pulled them apart physically, but it tore them apart mentally as well. Losing a family member is never easy but in a close loving family such as the Solberg’s it is even more heartbreaking an more memorable. Throughout this paper I will analyze the family relationships in the Solberg Family and discuss how World War I affected these relationships. Since the very beginning of “Some did not Come Back” author Lawrence Solberg writes that his family is extremely close. He explains by saying, “My dad tried to raise us three- Percy, Adelaide, and me. We were real pals” (Solberg 2). His sister Adelaide explained the same, as well, in her section of the memoir. She notes, “We three were very close. When my mother was alive we were well cared for” (Solberg 5). This shows how close the three siblings are before Percy leaves to War. I personally think that when siblings are as close as the…

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