Family Relationship With Family Relationships Essay

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Family is a very important thing to me. My family are the only people that have always been here for me, even during the hard times. It seems to be quite rare now and days for families to be close. I find myself very lucky. There are many ways to keep your family close and have a good family relationship. My family is a family of three it is my dad, sister, and I. We have been a small family as long as I can remember. When growing up many teachers and parents felt bad for me for not having a mother. When people treated me differently I didn’t understand I was happy just like all the other kids. I didn’t need a mom or exactly want one. I would rather have a dad that cares a lot about me than two parents that fight a lot and have an okay relationship with me. Many people say that your family relationship can affect how the children in the family act, and how that it is not their fault they act out it was just how they were raised. In the book Family Psychology it gives you more details into how family relationships affect kids mentally and hope important it is to keep a good relationship with not only the children but also your spouse to set a good example. (John W. Thoburn) Today families are much different then they use to be for example there are many single parent families. Also it is much more common and not as frowned upon to be gay and raising a child. In the book Modern Families by Susan Golombok she talks about myths and facts about none traditional families. She…

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