Family Is Not A Key Social Institution Essay

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Another important social force is the family. From the day that a child is born to the day that they die; family will always be around them in some form. Hence, it would be difficult for anyone to dispute that family is not a key social institution. Most children have a specific member of the family that has influenced them more than any other member of the family – whether it is their father who pushed them to be the best athlete they could or their distant cousin who inspired them to follow a certain path in life. Not only do families inspire and motivate children, they also socialize their children into society in the way that they seem fit. As mentioned prior in this paper, the emphasis will be upon the influence that the mother has in the socialization of her children.

In her paper, Sidhu (2015) wrote that her mother “[refused] to allow any of her children to become “Americanized” and so she made sure that my brothers and I go to the temple and learn about the various gods, traditions, celebrations, etc.” (page 4). that were a part of the Indian culture. Her experience correlates with the finding of Forer (1997) who stated that immigrants aren’t able to recreate the cultural patterns of their home country, but those patterns still have an incredible influence in shaping family values, norms and behavior in the new setting. Furthermore, as brought forth by Caneva and Pozzi (2014), the mother tongue is the vehicle through which values, rules and traditions are passed…

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