Cultural Influence Of Childhood

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Childhood is best remembered as the days when people could live life without a care in the world. Since people were so young, they did not understand much of the world, but only what their parents taught them. However, as time goes on the essence of childhood changes as well. Some people claim that modern culture is a positive influence on kids. They claim that pop culture allows kids to be more well-rounded. Yet, where there are benefits, there are also consequences. Despite the positive outlook on childhood, the aspect of modern culture, specifically the increase in technology, the role of parents and peers, and the determinants of what is ‘cool’, has diminished childhood. One way modern culture has diminished childhood is through …show more content…
Parents are a child’s role model, caretaker, and teacher. Children look up to their parents because hopefully someday they can aspire to be just like them. However, it is shown that kids are learning important life lessons from their peers (Gray). Lessons, such as communication, independence and courage, and the skills of the adult culture, are being taught amongst children. It is an important aspect of a kid’s life to socialize with others, but these skills should be taught by their parents. Childhood is the time where parents teach their kids the way of life. No one can better teach their child about the world other than their parents because they have already gone through it themselves. Throughout modern culture, different parenting styles have arisen, such as the easygoing or uninvolved parent, which play a large role in how their child grows and develops (Kobe). Parents with these types of parenting styles have low responsiveness and demandingness. In severe cases, this can be seen as child neglect. The child will grow up to have a low sense of security, little positive mentality, and will affect how they perform in school (Kobe). Parents with these types of parenting styles diminish their kid’s childhood because the children are not learning the necessary lessons and skills needed for adulthood. Parents need to be involved in their child’s life so that they can develop a positive mentality, a high sense of security, and earn high academic achievements. It is a parent’s job to teach their child the things they need to know so that they can be successful in life and not feel neglected. The decrease in the parent’s role and an increase in the peer’s role is a reason why the essence of childhood is

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