Family Is An Important Role Essay

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Two of my friends are twin sister and brother and they look very similar. If the boy wears fault long hair, sometime I think I meet his sister. However, although they look very similar, their characteristics are totally different. I think the brother is sometimes very lazy and he is usually late, but his sister is very studious and do everything or goes to some places on time. When he plays the online game, his sister usually spends times in studying or reviewing her class and so on. So why is everyone unique? How does everyone become different? I believe that there are many different answers to this question. For me, I consider family is an important role in every people’s life, peer around us will affect our characteristics and thinking, and encouragement will develop people own personality.
Family is important for everyone to affect their characteristic. Everyone has the most time with their family, so family support can affect people own characteristics. Therefore good family support can help people do what they want to do. In the article “The Terror”, when the author was very young, his father abandoned his family, so the author lost the love and the protection of his father. Moreover, sooner that his oldest brother who was the author’ best friend and protector is found to have leukemia, so his brother could not be like usual to play with him. Furthermore, his mother needed to work hard for the family, so she did not have much time with the author. Therefore, after…

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