Family Influences On Children 's Development Essays

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Family influences, atmosphere and the environment as well as figuring out how things work within her grasp and control, Security, exploration, and identity formation are all important developmental factors in relationships and learning throughout the first three years of life play a major role in children 's development. Lydia practices information processing skills related to attention and memory; Attention while thinking allows for information to influence and help with decisions and improve academic learning, including language acquisition and problem solving, as well as social skills and cooperation (Bono & Stifter 2003; Laundry et al. 2000; Murphy et al. 2007). Lydia has picked up some of her mothers’ habits and characteristics’, and also mimics my own. As her skills are used they develop into greater abilities such as memory retaining information in working memory and holding memories into long-term memories, Lydia is developing “Mental representation”. “During the preschool years, the brain’s cerebral cortex and the functions that ultimately regulate childrens’ attention and memory are not fully developed, which accounts for some of the limitations in their capacity to reason and solve problems” (Copple, 15). At her age, she is still developing “Logic and characteristics of thought” and reasoning because she is still in an “egocentric perspective” and not gained the ability to take an anothers “perspective”. This is known as “Executive functioning”.


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