Family History Paper

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Over the year, my family has always put an emphasis on working hard no matter the obstacles you face. After interviewing my family members, I discovered that the majority of them are unskilled, manual labors. This paper has given me the opportunity to look deeper into my families’ career and educational goals. According to my great-grandma Ruby, my ancestors left Ghana in 1876 and to work on plantations in Mississippi. After moving from Crystal Springs, Mississippi my grandparents moved to Chicago, Illinois to find better job opportunities. My grandpa ended up securing a career as a machine mechanic at Oscar Meyer. While my grandma attending night school to be a nurse, she worked as a dental technician. After completing school, she worked …show more content…
The recession did not affect the family since they were used to getting by with little resources. Both of my grandparents on my mother side were born in raised in Gary, Indiana. The city is known for its large steel mills but that was not the lifestyle my grandpa wanted to follow. In 1961, my grandpa joined the Air Force and two years later they gave birth to a baby girl. My grandfather was in the military for thirty years and worked as a civilian for the Department of Defense for 20 years. He was fortunate enough to be treated well by his employers despite being an African-American man during the height of the civil rights movement. Obviously, there were conflicts between the different races in the military and some discrimination, but he was lucky enough not to be involved. In the beginning he received approximately $300.00 per month. Before he retired and after working fifty years, he received over $15,000.00 per month. Initially it was difficult to survive on his wages, as he increased in rank, his pay was good and he lived well. The military took care of his and his family’s health care. Upon retirement from military, he paid $350.00 per month for supplemental insurance. When he retired from civil service, Medicare and Tricare for life took care of his health care. My grandfather had two jobs for the first ten years in order to survive. My grandma worked as a housing manager for the Air Force

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