Family Hierarchy And The Family Essays

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When it comes to most situations for some people, family always comes first. Friends will come and go, but a blood relationship with someone cannot be replaced. However, as the years go by, people begin to be less appreciative of their families. In today’s society a family that spends time together is defined as a traditional family. However, in the past they would be considered a normal family. They still see the importance of their family members, but they lack the quality time spent with their family. When putting families from earlier decades beside the families of today, it is easy to spot the similarities and differences such as time spent together, the concept known as the family hierarchy, and the actual appreciation and respect family members have for each other. The most important difference between families in the past and today is the time spent together. In today’s society it is rare to see a family have dinner together, let alone doing other activities together. Normally the mother and father are at work or the mother is cooking dinner while the father is working around the house and the children are isolated in their own rooms. Teenagers these days are usually too busy spending all their free time hanging out with friends, and their friends have influenced them that it is apparently not acceptable by society to do activities with their parents. In earlier years, it was common to spend time with family. Instead of kids staying out partying all night most…

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