Family Court Observation Essay

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My report on courtroom observation focuses on observation of Family Court of Australia. This is the first time of my life visiting to court and I went to Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Parramatta around 09:30 am. I walked into the building, not knowing where to go, what to say or do, or even how to dress. I asked questions what times and what cases would be best to observe? They could not answer any of those questions. I ended up taking the lift to the second floor to the Courtroom 1.

The courtroom was very small, much smaller and less impressive than I expected. As I entered the courtroom I sat on the back in the public gallery. The judge sits at the high bench at the front of the courtroom and control the hearing and the courtroom
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The father argument was his right to see his children because the mother not allowing that to be happened. The Judge adjourned the case for the final order after the father being realised from the jail in July.

The third case, also the father was in jail and the Judge asked the court officer to put him and his mother on phone. After explaining the matter to the judge, the judge asked him if he has representative or he will represent himself. The father wanted to represent himself and to prepare all the document for this case. The Judge adjourned the case for the final order after the father being realised from the jail in August.

Both cases the Judge ask them to prepare a family report, affidavit and to give evidence and present for cross examination. The evidences will be tested and each party to put forward their own case to the judge. The judge will consider the evidence and give his final decision.

I find the family courts very unfair against fathers sometimes. Makes me so sad that these women can make up these lies and get away with it.

I tried to prepare my report without the disclosure of the name or matter details with relation to these cases. I apologise for any information that I had to mention in my

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