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Family Cooking Night The community group I visited was called Family Cooking Night. The event was hosted by Baptist Health of South Florida and Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth (FLIPANY). Baptist Health hosted a 6-month series event called My Optimal Wellness, through their Nutrition and Community Wellness department, Family Cooking Night was the last event of the series. It took place at a local YMCA in the Weston area, it was free of charge and opened to YMCA members and non-members. The purpose of this event was to help inspire families to prepare nutritious and tasty meals that were quick and simple to prepare. The event included an interactive chef-led demonstration and food facts from a registered dietician. A health screening was also provided before the class, free of charge, for those attending the lecture.
First, the health screenings began at 5:30pm, nurses took participants blood pressure, weight and height to calculate BMI. The meeting promptly started at 6:30pm with the event coordinator of Baptist Health’s Community Wellness department announcing future events they would be hosting as well as other services offered at Baptist Health, both speakers were then introduced, Lucette Talamas RD, LDN from Baptist Health of South Florida and Chef Jennifer Da Silva from FLIPANY. The dietitian Lucette Talamas, began the lecture by opening a discussion among the group through a series of questions. First question, “What are the benefits…

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