Essay about Family As A Universal Aspect Race And Ethnicity

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Family being delicate to define is connected to the rapid structure changes that happen in society. As society evolves, so does the concept of the family. As family evolves new perspectives and ideas are learned which changes the definition of family. As the definition changes it is important to incorporate everyone’s identity since failing to do so can create barriers for many. Race and ethnicity needs to be included in the definition of family in order to understand the diversity that occurs in the social world. These changes make people adapt to society. By including race and ethnicity it reduces the chances of excluding anyone from the definition of family. When family is defined using the sociological perspective it allows for different perspectives, cultures, groups, and traditions to be studied. As C. Wright Mills stated in his article Sociological Imagination it is important to study society, in order to be able to define family universally. When defining family in a universal aspect race and ethnicity need to be taken into account. For many years family has been defined using the European-American middle class ideal structure but does not incorporate everyone. This is because this perspective of the family is based on the white people. Therefore excluding all the other races, that makes society. Race and ethnicity need to be incorporated into the definition of family because the different believes, cultures, and traditions contribute to the shaping of the family…

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