Essay about Family And Eating Habits : Family

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Discuss “family” in terms of eating habits. “Family” in terms of eating habits means coming together with your family or whoever lives in your household, while eating and talking about each other’s day. The meal that most describes “family” in terms of eating habits is dinner. The “family” in terms of eating habits changed in many ways throughout the years. The things that changed was the mealtime, who I ate with, differ in terms during holidays, and etc. Some people may be effected by the change of the “family” in terms of eating habits. The “family” in terms of eating habits regular mealtime family compromised of my mother. My mother and I eat dinner together most of the time. On weekdays when I am home, I eat breakfast and lunch by myself, but on weekends we eat every meal of the day together. When my mother have steak for dinner it always seems to bring us to the table. When having steak it brings us together because that is one of our favorite meals when we are together. Before it was me, my mother, and my father, then they filed for a divorce and my mom received full custody. Custody means the physical and legal responsibility of caring for children; assigned by a court for divorced or unmarried parents. The divorce did not really change anything but having two houses, we all still celebrate holidays and birthdays together every year. The “family” in terms of eating habits changed on the holidays, especially on Thanksgiving because my godmother and her husband moved…

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