Substance Use And Abuse Essay

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Impacts of Parental Substance Use and Abuse Among Children Is your family dynamic positive or negative? Is everybody in your family stable both physically and emotionally? In the event that you answered positive to the main question and yes to the second question, then you’re viewed as fortunate. There’s been known to be a large group of individuals who live in a family situation that isn’t ideal, which both physical and emotional torture on many levels due to their parent’s dependence on substances. Regardless of the intensity of the case, social workers have the ability to help these people through attempting to find solutions to the family issues with the end goal being to better everybody’s wellbeing. Therefore, for the social worker profession, …show more content…
But, social workers are considered stars at utilizing the many marco level interventions, as it’s something they utilize reliably in order to become effective social workers. Social workers need to be able to recognize some of the many warning signs of children who have guardians with substance abuse and use problems. For example, there are numerous psychological disorders that are seen in children who have parents who are substance manhandlers. The most widely recognize conditions are he following: Anxiety Disorders, Depression, and Social/Behavioral Disorders (troublesome and disruptive behaviors) [Child Mind Institute, 2016]. Nonetheless, social workers should imply that each persons who has one of the clusters of disorders listed above automatically have a parent with a substance problem. Truth be told, the conditions that are listed above have the ability to co-occur with a ride range of issues. Therefore, if a clinical begins to see a client who shows signs of one of these disorders (or is already diagnosed with one of these disorders), the social worker should investigate the family dynamic as far as substance use goes. By using this marco level strategy, social workers can then make an intervention and treatment plan that will help the individual and their family work through the problem. The main goal of the social worker in this process will be putting their best attempts to give everyone in the family with the best possible assistance that will hopefully better themselves in the

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