Families Involved With Immigration Deal Essay

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Families involved with immigration deal with many difficulties including separation, change in life that lead to emotional trouble, and having fear. Young children that belong to immigrant families worry that one day they will no longer see their parents anymore. They worry that maybe today is going to be the day they last see their parents walking out the front door of their house and never coming back home. It is not easy living a life knowing that maybe sooner or later immigration is going to take your parents away. One day they can be home with their kids having fun at home, however, the other day they are being sent back to their birthplace. What the government doesn 't realize is taking away children 's parents, is going to have big impact on the kids. The children are going to have their whole life upside down.
When illegal immigrant parents get deported sometimes their children leave with them or they stay with a family member. Although, they sometimes go with their parents or decised that the child is going to stay with a family member, the kid are being put in a hard position in such a young age. Children have to see their parents being taken away just because their parents decided to have a better life for them. It’s not fair for the children to make them suffer so much and make them go through life changes, as a kids they should not go through a big change in a young age. Seth Freed Wessler states “ In some cases, the families have been reunited, thanks to…

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