Familial Love Essay

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Familial Love: the Path of Least Rejection

In this paper, I will argue that familial love is the most pure and true by an evaluation Aristotle’s views on friendship and love. Everyone has a different view on love and most generally believe in a multitude of shades of love. Aristotle does as well. Although he believes in three distinct types of friendship. “Hence friendship has three species, corresponding to the three objects of love. For each object of love has a corresponding type of mutual loving, combined with awareness of it.” (Aristotle, 121). Aristotle believes that love directly corresponds with objects for example the first type of friendship is based on utility (Aristotle, 121) in which the friendship derives from each friend benefiting
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The second type of friendship is based on pleasure. Which unlike the friendship based in utility is found more in younger people, who Aristotle believes let their emotions and feelings lead their lives (Aristotle, 122). He also argues that “young people are prone to erotic passion, since this mostly accords with feelings, and is caused by pleasure; that is why they love and quickly stop, often changing in a single day.” (Aristotle, 122). Both friendships based on utility and on pleasure are likely to “dissolve” because of their reliance on what each of the friend receives. In friendships of utility, if one friend stops being of use to the other then the friendship fades. This friendship could be seen as shallow, due to the fact that the friend is focusing on what they are gaining from the relationship. In the friendship based on passion is stronger than the first and often very powerful yet short. Which is more heartfelt …show more content…
This dives deeper into the layers of friendship that were discussed earlier. “Friendship in families also seems to have many species, but they all seem to depend o paternal friendship. For the parent is fond of his children because he regards them as something of himself; and the children are fond of the parent because they regard themselves as coming from him.” (Aristotle, 132-133). Aristotle argues that the love between each member of the family is different. From parent to child, child to child, and parent to parent. He also believes the friendship of the children to the parent is similar to that of humans to a god (Aristotle, 133). As for between siblings it is unlike parents and children and more like the complete friendship described above. As siblings they are very similar in many ways. They were raised the same, grew up in the same environment and educated similarly (Aristotle, 133). This would lead you to believe that the friendship and love between siblings is often very strong and

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