Argumentative Essay About Celebrities

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Through the development of technology, people can be famous for having no special talents other than attracting the public’s attention. For instance, having a YouTube channel, or a reality tv show can make a person famous in the twenty-first century. As a result, celebrities lives are very public due to having a large amount of their personal information posted to the internet or through reality tv. Frequently, celebrities’ private lives often draw more attention than their professional lives (Turner). According to Chris Rojek, author of the book, Fame Attack: The Inflation of Celebrity and its Consequences, research has found different beliefs about celebrities including “Star Paranoia.” When one believes in this paranoia they, “believe celebrities …show more content…
For example, USA Today convinced Arthur Ashe, a professional tennis player, to open up about having AIDS (Hume). Initially, the main topic of the article that exposed Ashe and his condition was AIDS, but readers were distracted from the main issue due to the incorporation of him within the article. In my opinion, USA Today did not necessarily need to include a celebrity within the article, but by doing so it made their story more eye-catching to the public. If the news source truly wished to inform the public about the dangers of the disease they could have incorporated factual information such as how to prevent the disease, or how to deal with the disease, and not risk ruining a celebrity's career. Through further research, Hume discovered that the press puts more effort into uncovering dirt on celebrities instead of discussing important worldwide events, as demonstrated in the exposure of Ashe’s condition. Hume believes a shift in priorities from gossiping to topics that are of importance is necessary. While gossiping is a money maker for many news networks, this can break celebrities down and sometimes ruin their

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