False Hope In The Minister's Black Veil

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Without hope one fails to exist. Without faith in a higher being an individual becomes surrounded by dark thoughts. There is nothing to ease the pain of death without faith. The relationship between an individual and their God is known to be intimate and potentially life changing. What if an individual’s faith falters due to a realization? Nathanial Hawthorne explores a minister’s wavering faith in his story “The Minister’s Black Veil”. In his story Hawthorne raises the issue of the black veil that the minister wears upon his brow. After a second look the reader is able to infer Hooper’s reason for wearing the veil, along with the meaning of the veil in its entirety.
When Mr. Hooper sports the veil, his congregation becomes weary. Eventually the individuals within the congregation alienate him. Many wonder why their dear Mr. Hooper bears such a dreadful veil. Several assume he is guilty of a horrible transgression. Little did they know their minister was having doubts concerning his faith. The congregation noticed Hooper’s
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With false hope individuals are able to function. False hope allows individuals to cope with death in a comforting manner. In Hawthorne’s “The Minister’s Black Veil” Hooper is unable to believe in the false hope he was given. His eyes had been opened to this crippling realization. Hooper allowed his congregation to stay secure in the false hope concerning final judgment. No longer rooted in the false hope, Hooper resorted to wearing his black veil as a personal emblem. This personal emblem represents what is hidden from Hooper during the duration of his life. Hawthorn proves through Hooper that an individual’s belief in a final destination could indeed be a large amount of false hope passed down by their ancestors. A relationship with God, even if his existence is not palpable, can prove to be beneficial. Not only to ease the fear of death, but also to give a hope in something greater than the single

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