Loss Of Faith In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Night Essay Many people lose faith in this world. A world that is troubled by horrible events that traumatized people for life. But even though people sometimes think they lose faith they always will have a remnant. A remnant when they remember how they felt, on that day they knew God. Or that day, when, finally, they believed in themselves. Many things can come, but once that seed of faith is planted, people will always remember it. This denial of faith, however, is not new. In the memoir of night, Elie Wiesel is thrown into the middle of the holocaust. Through his experiences he denies his faith in God and begins to lose hope in himself. Elie Wiesel still has faith in God and himself, and this process is important for readers to understand. …show more content…
This is very believable because even he thought so himself. People, though, will always have faith, as long as they exist. Elie’s faith in god is constantly shaken throughout the story. His position constantly changes, but through deep observation, readers can see through to disorienting flux. In the memoir of Night it states, “And in spite of myself, a prayer formed inside me, a prayer to this God in whom I no longer believed. ‘Oh God, Master of the Universe, give me the strength never to do what Rabbi Eliahu’s son has done,’” (Wiesel 91). In this section of the book Elie clearly shows that despite his constant rebellion, he knows God is there, and that he is good. Putting special attention on the phrase “In spite of myself” one can see that Elie denies his faith, even though deep down, he knows he still has it. His remnant of faith appears many times during the story, even as he quickly covers it up.In Night it states, “Poor Akiba drumer, if only he could have kept his faith in god, if only he could have considered this suffering a divine test, he would not have been swept away by the selection,” (Wiesel 77). This sentence is extremely controversial to Elie’s previous claims. He believes that if Akiba Drumer could have kept faith, God would have saved him. Elie is basically saying in this sentence that God still saves his followers, which means Elie still believes in God and his grace. Elie’s faith in

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