Fallen Angels By Colleen Hoover

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This book is so... unique, and refreshing and different and strangely addicting. This is nothing like any of Colleen Hoover's other books... But I liked it. It's more focused on family and mental health than romance, which I actually appreciated. Merit is such an interesting character, and her family is unlike any other family I've ever read about before. Every character stands out and has their own issues and stories going on. She has a twin sister named Honor, a brother named Utah, her Mom Victoria who lives in the basement, her Dad Barnaby who is now married to another woman named Victoria who also lives in their house... Such a quirky family with so many secrets, this story is very entertaining because of that. The beginning was hard to get into, I'll admit because it was a lot of info-dumping about the family and their lives. But once the story really kicks off, this is one hell of a story. There are so many little shocking plot twists about their family, it was exciting to watch all of it unravel. And these characters felt SO REAL because of all their problems. It's a healthy reminder that nobody is perfect and that family needs to be there for
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But I'm surprised at how hopeful this book is, for being as dark as it is at times. Colleen balances hilarious humor with a lot of heart and even though this book is really sad at times, it also has a great message for its readers and I really enjoyed that. That's my favorite thing about Colleen as a writer: she always balances humor with heart really well and weaves them together effortlessly, and in the end you always feel like you've taken away something from the story.

It's not my favorite Colleen Hoover book of all time, but I loved it a lot and it's definitely a story that will be on my mind for a long

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