Essay Factors That Influence The Buying Behaviors Of Consumers

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Number 4- Buying influences
There are several buying influences that impact the buying behaviors of consumers. These can be categorized into internal, external and marketing factors of marketing. Proximity addresses each of these factors through well-developed marketing strategies.
External Factors
External factors include social influences such as family relations, social class and reference groups. Proximity recognizes that individuals of a certain social classes desire the prestige and notoriety associated with staying in an award winning hotel. The President of the United States, national and state leaders, celebrities and diplomats have stayed at the Proximity hotel when needing accommodations in the Greensboro, NC area. Individuals who are identified in similar social class as these individuals may choose to stay at the Proximity also. Family relationships and group structures may influence consumers’ buying behavior as well. Members of immediate and extended family select Proximity Hotel when securing accommodations if invited to a family member’s special day, whether celebrating a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, family reunion or any other special occasions.
Another external factor to consumer buying behaviors that Proximity addresses is the influence of purchase situation. Business groups and associations, are exceptional references groups with regards to having the ability to influence others in their purchases. When Lincoln Financial hosts an…

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