Factors That Impact Economic Inequality Essay

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The options on how to research, economic inequalities among and within ethnic and racialized groups in Canada, as well as how to improve the current 2016 Canadian Census of Population are endless. However, in order to get an accurate, clear, and reliable representation, I believe that certain aspects need to be focused upon. With this, the reader will get a better understanding of how certain independent variables impact the one dependent variable in focus, this being, Economic Inequality. As a social researcher, I will be further investing the many ways to improve this census, therefore discovering different factors which impact economic inequality, leading to what we hope results in a more functional, equal, and fair Canadian society. The independent variables that will be further investigated include class, gender, education, and place of birth. With these variables, a vast range of` empirical indicators will be presented, further giving readers a better understanding on the variables associated with economic inequality among and within ethnic and racialized groups in Canada. Following the explanations, a questionnaire will be presented. One that not only fairly judges, citizens based on the variables mentioned prior, but one that will give hope to those that are suffering from economic inequality towards a brighter, and more functional future, for present and future generations. Economic inequality among and within ethnic and racialized groups in Canada is a pressing…

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