Factors That Affect The Health Of Large Population Of Australia

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Diabetes refers to group of certain metabolic problems caused either by low or no insulin secretion by pancreas or no response by insulin receptors to glucose binding insulin molecules. The disease is also known as diabetes mellitus and has three different types (type 1, type 2, gestational). It is a major problem and significantly affected the health of large population of Australia. Indigenous people tend to experience this problem in earlier age as compared to other Australians and can have excess of complications. Gestational diabetes is also found to be far common in aboriginals than in non-indigenous Australians. Different factors that are responsible for diabetes among aboriginal people include genetic susceptibility, diet, and obesity, lack of physical activity, low birth weight and poor standard of living.

Impact on individual:
Type 2 diabetes is much more prevalent type in indigenous Australians and even affected the one who live in remote areas. The disease has influenced 20-30 percent of total aboriginal population and is a major cause of kidney failure among them. The first case of diabetes was found in Adelaide in the year 1923 among aboriginal community. The disease not only influence ones physical health but also impacts the mental and social state of a person. High blood sugar levels (hyperglycaemia) are physical impact of diabetes which further leads to some physiological malfunctioning and disorders i.e. renal failure, kidney failure, low…

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