Factors That Affect The Health Care System Essay examples

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The large elderly population is not only having a significant effect on the health care system, but also on those individuals caring for them in the community. The research authors have been studying the various factors that influence the experiences of family caregivers within the context of senior health care. Several themes arose from these articles that are presented in a synthesis matrix. These themes allow us to identify areas for improvement and guide us in creating suitable practice recommendations for the future.
All five articles agree that caregiver burden and the gender and role of the caregiver affect the experiences of family caregiving. Not every article assumes that caregivers are destined to experience burden. Lai (2010) discusses filial piety and O’Rourke, Claxton, Kupferschmidt, Smith, and Beattie (2011) discusses marital idealization, which are both ways that may buffer caregiver distress and protect against caregiver burden. Chappell, Dujela, and Smith (2015), Habjan, Prince, and Kelley (2012), and Gibbons et al. (2014) focus on the negative effects that are caused from caregiver burden. These negative effects may include depressive symptoms or worsening physical health (Gibbons et al., 2014, p. 14).
All five articles discuss gender and the role of the caregiver. It is believed that in most cases, women should assume the caregiver role. Additionally, Habjan et al. (2012) and Lai (2010) both believe that it is the responsibility of the family to care for…

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