Factors That Affect People Behaviors Essays

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Causal Factors People often make the comment, ‘that would never happen normally’ to explain their actions in a certain situation. While they think that this is a viable answer to unusual actions, scientists have reason to believe that there are more than just two factors that affect people behaviors. First they think about situational factors including environment and surroundings, otherwise known as right place, right time. Secondly, they look at biological factors that encompass emotional development and factors of the brain. Looking at all of the situations that happened on Lord of the Flies and how the boys all reacted, can it be easy to assume that it was just the environment and surroundings that caused them to turn into savages and murderers? Their immoral behavior is not simply based on environmental factors but mainly on the biological factors that are at work inside their minds. Environmental factors do have effects of the boys on the island in the book, Lord of the Flies. If they hadn’t ever crash landed on that island, they never would have been in any of the situations that they found themselves in.” ‘Aren’t there any grownups at all?’ ‘I don’t think so’ … ‘No grownups!’”(8). Shortly after landing on the island, the kids realized that there were no grownups on the island at all and that they were going to have to care and look after themselves if they wanted to survive long enough to hopefully get saved. This began the fight for command on the island. Since…

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