Essay Factors Influencing The Health Of A Newborn Baby

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Birth weight tends to be one of the major factors in determining the health of a newborn baby. Not only is birth weight important for a baby’s wellbeing, it can also make a lasting impression on a child’s future. According to Chatterki, Kim, and Lahiri (2014), health at birth can determine academic achievement in childhood, which can then provide a relationship between birth weight and adult outcomes. In my project, I wanted to see how different factors could influence a baby’s birth weight based on different scenarios that can occur while a baby is still in utero.
One of the variables I will be analyzing is the marital status of the mother. In a study conducted by Frimmel and Pruckner (2014), it was discovered that babies born to mothers who are married weigh approximately 40g to 60g more than babies who are born to mothers who are not married. They also found divorce around pregnancy results in significantly lower birth weights than birth weights born to single mothers.
Not only is marital status a factor, but also I wanted to see if race has been shown to have an effect on birth weight. Green (2014) discovered that there was little focus on the role of ethnic self-identification on infant health variances. Green analyzed a regression, which suggested that Hispanic blacks give birth to heavier infants than non-Hispanic blacks.
Pregnant women are encouraged to have routine appointments with their doctors in order to monitor their pregnancy. I wanted to see if regular…

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