Essay on Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Bstm Students

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1. Attributes of Strategic Management: How do your activities and actions contribute to the goals of your organization? Observe the decisions you make on the job. What are the short-term and long-term implications of your decisions and actions? Have you recently made a decision that might yield short-term profits but might negatively impact the long-term goals of the organization (e.g., cutting maintenance expenses to meet a quarterly profit target)?

2. Intended versus Emergent Strategies: Don’t be too inflexible in your career strategies; strive to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Many promising career
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2. SWOT Analysis: From a career standpoint, periodically evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as well as potential opportunities and threats to your career. In addition, strive to seek input from trusted peers and superiors.

3. General Environment: Carefully evaluate the elements of the general environment facing your firm. Identify factors (e.g., rapid technological change) that can provide promising career opportunities as well as possibilities for you to add value for your organization. In doing this, don’t focus solely on “internal factors” of your organization.

4. Five-forces analysis: Consider the five-forces affecting the industry within which your organization competes. If the “forces” are unfavorable, the long-term profit potential of the industry may be unattractive. And, there will likely be fewer resources available and—all other things being equal—fewer career opportunities.



1. The Value Chain: Carefully analyze where you can add value in your firm’s value chain. How might your firm’s support activities (e.g., information technology, human resource practices) help you accomplish your assigned tasks more effectively?

2. The Value Chain: Consider important relationships among activities both within your firm as well as between your firm and its suppliers, customers, and alliance

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