Factors Affecting Drinking Water Availability In North Africa

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What factors affect drinking water availability in North Africa and what can be done to improve the situation caused by these factors in North Africa?
Report written by: Serge Shchesnyak
Conflicts over drinking water in North Africa have occurred since prehistoric times and are still going on today. These conflicts, such as the water conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, are fought over what we consider to be something that everyone has. Drinking water. The goal of this paper is to identify the key factors which limit drinking water availability in North African communities and to identify the possible solutions, such as desalination, to combat these factors, if possible.
This research investigation is limited to identifying
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As the very definition of the term “economic water scarcity” states, it only occurs when the people cannot afford to purchase and use water. One of the factors of this category is the government raising the price of water to encourage others not to waste it. In countries where water is unaffordable to begin with, this causes severe issues. Another factor results from the fact that water supplies are not in easily accessible locations, making African women having to walk miles to find water. The loss of income associated with this and also the price of water once it is found, results in economic scarcity. This problem is complicated by the fact that people are housed in shanty towns or slums without any water pipes or wells. This makes walking for water the only choice. Clean water availability cuts the amount of time children can spend in school, because they are collecting water for their families during school hours. The absence of clean water and proper toilets in bathrooms in schools means that girls have to stay home a week out of every …show more content…
This method, however, is a very costly procedure and requires specialists to run the costly equipment, thus, this is an expensive and thus not very effective procedure for developing countries which lack funding.
Long lasting water projects.
These water projects include wells, dams and rain catchment systems, which all provide a water source that is safe to drink and can be located near villages to avoid long distance walks.
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