Facebook Is Becoming A Threat To Society Essay

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Facebook Is Becoming a Threat to Society The use of social media by the world population has increased massively during the 21st century. Facebook, specifically, has been said to have about 1.49 billion users in the year of 2015. This diverse website can help build relationships with one another, yet say so much about their personality. Facebook continues to live up to its purpose, however, people are beginning to live inside it rather than their own reality. Facebook was originally created to connect with family and friends in 2004. The website grew more and more, then soon became one of the biggest and well known social networking sites around the world. As a Facebook user, one has the ability to post information about themselves on their …show more content…
It allows an easy way for family and friends to find out what is new in each others lives. For example, a friend could post a status about finding out that she is pregnant and there would be an endless amount of comments, either on that particular status or on her profile, congratulating her and the soon to be father. On the other hand, celebrities use it to promote brands or businesses or to share pictures of their luxurious life with the public, at least those who run their own social media accounts. An example of this particular group would be the Kardashians posting pictures of the eight cars parked in their garage of their multi billion-dollar mansion with an unnecessary amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. Even though it may be interesting to keep up with what celebrities are doing in their everyday life, it can affect the way people think and make them more focused on what is less …show more content…
Facebook has been used against its advantage to spread posts about violence, body shaming, animal and human abuse, explicit videos/pictures, etc. It is heart breaking to see these negative posts going viral through Facebook rather than something positive occurring in the world. For instance, the conflict between white cops vs the black community has had major effect throughout the internet. People began to fight back towards one another spreading hatred and threats around social media. There was one picture where two African Americans were holding a gun to an American police officers head and the caption read, “If they don’t stop killing us, we’ll start killing them.” This was by far one of the most ignorant post. Facebook should have some kind of limit to what is posted. These types of negative thoughts have led to people having no good hope for the uprising

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