Face Value Hidden Camera Investigation : Do Looks Really Matter?

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“Face Value
Hidden Camera Investigation: Do Looks Really Matter?”

Justin Kilcline

Critical Reading 101
Professor Cynthia Diefert
13 October 2016
CRE101 Midterm
”Face Value Hidden Camera Investigation: Do Looks Really Matter?”

(not necessary to include in essay since it is already present in issue and conclusion) Attractive, Model, Appearance, “Hidden Camera Investigation”,
Issue: Does physical appearance affect the way someone is treated?

Conclusion: Yes, physical appearance has a difference on the way someone is treated.

Reasons: 1. “Higher physical attractiveness is automatically or immediately assisted, provided help”.

2. We trust those more those people of higher physical attractiveness.

3. Someone who is attractive is given more credibility and given a lot more attention.

4. Our brains are hard wired to respond more favorably to attractive people.

5. Babies, who have a higher physical attractiveness, receive more attention. They are defined as cuter, they are held more, touched more, and spoken to more.

6. Justice is not blind to beauty
Mostly Descriptive or Prescriptive Issue?
This is mostly a ____Descriptive____ issue.
How do you know? The author doesn’t explicitly tell you if this issue is right or wrong, good or bad, but states this issue is happening right now and has been happening and will continue to happen.
Most Ambiguous Words/ Phrases 1. Attractive
Possible meanings of ambiguous words 1. Possible meaning of…

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