Ezra Jack Keats Author Study : Book List & Lesson Plans Essay

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Ezra Jack Keats, the son of Jewish Polish immigrants, was born in 1916 and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. He was originally named Jacob Ezra Jack Katz, but legally changed his name after WWII. It is speculated that it was a result of anti-semitism at that time. Keats did not have much, if any, formal art training. He painted murals for the Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in the 1930s and went on to become a comic book illustrator. During World War II, Keats designed camouflage patterns in the US Air Corps. After the war, Keats became a successful artist and illustrator. In 1954, Keats illustrated his first children's book, Jubilant for Sure, by Elisabeth Hubbard Lansing.
Keats was innovative in his use of minority
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Louie's Search
After moving to a busy new neighborhood with his mother, Louie decides to explore and see if there is anyone he might like to have as a father.

Jennie’s Hat
Jennie's favorite aunt is sending her a new hat, and Jennie is sure it will be beautiful. But when the box arrives, the hat inside is very plain. She had imagined a wonderful hat with big colorful flowers and even tries to make her own hat from a straw basket! Jennie is almost ready to give up on her dream when she receives a fanciful surprise from some very special friends

A paper mouse Roberto made in school opens the door to a magical world of dreams and shadows one night when he cannot fall asleep.

Apt. 3
In his apartment in the city, Sam hears voices, barking dogs, snoring, and all kinds of other noises. One rainy day he also hears the sad sounds of a harmonica, and wonders who's playing. Sam's search leads him to Apt. 3, where he finds not only the source of the music--but a new friend.

Pet Show
When he can't find his cat to enter in the neighborhood pet show, Archie must do some fast thinking to win a prize.

Jennie’s Hat - Lesson Plan

Grade Level: Pre-K – Kindergarten

Have students look at the illustrations in Ezra Jack Keats books that you have read to the class or even his books you have in

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