Essay about Extreme Programming : Adapting And The Future

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Extreme Programming: Adapting to the Future
John Vianney Aubrecht B00698792
INFX 2690
Professor James Fleming
October 16, 2016

Extreme Programming: Adapting to the Future With an increasing demand for the latest, most efficient products and services, companies and organizations have begun to adopt new methods of software development. Projects are no longer completed using only classic linear methods of creating. But now also have the option to use iterative approaches where changes are constantly made and allow for more organic development methods. These new software development life cycles (SDLC’s) are what allow industry leaders to stay on top in an ever-expanding technological world. These new approaches have also provided smaller independent companies an opportunity to make their stamp on the market. In particular the Extreme Programming approach is an example of an adaptable and iterative design. XP follows a set of guiding principles for its operation. In contrast to older methods such as waterfall, XP promotes communication and embraces change. The malleability of XP can be further explored through a detailed examination of its development life cycle. Extreme programming (XP) is an approach to software development that is a compositional hybrid of linear and iterative methodologies. It is most noted for two things. First, pairing groups of two developers together on only one computer during the entire development phase, second, for allowing…

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