North Bay Hospital Case Study

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Running head: CHANGE 2
Change in the North Bay Hospital Change is a part of every profession, and is seen in the nursing field through new policies, advances in technology, and changes in the delivery of healthcare. There is planned and unplanned change and both have positive and negative impacts on the healthcare field as a whole. It can effect the people on a personal level and at an institutional level as well.
Trigger Event Over the course of my shadowing shifts at the hospital, the change that was occurring throughout the entire hospital was evident. I heard of budgeting cuts that lead to cancellations of programs, lay offs, and other
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Downsizing brings amy problems as it is an emotional and difficult process for all nurses involved (Young & Brown, 1998). It is a time of uncertainty and change that can be hard to work through. Studies show though that clear communication and carefully laid out plans help the process to proceed a lot smoother (Young & Brown, 1998). Nursing practice is also constantly undergoing change, so nurses need to be able to adapt to changes that are planned and unplanned. An example of this is the nursing shortage, and problems that arise from it (Deschamps, 2013). The biggest change that needs to be adapted too, is the integration of nurses that received training from other countries and the increase in less seasoned nurses, who have recently graduated (Deschamps, 2013). The nurses will have to adapt to different techniques and nurses who need help in gaining experience. While these changes can seem awkward and hard at first, if the healthcare field works together, changes can be implemented with more …show more content…
While my nurse was obviously saddened to receive her pink slip, she new what her options were to adapt to the change and she chose to get help from her union in order to get another’s input on what her best options are. The cancellation of the “Breakfast Club” program can be seen as planned change. The staff were warned in advance of the change. and had time to develop a strategy to meet the problems that arose from the cancellation. My nurse receiving her pink slip, can be seen as unplanned change because she had no advance warning, and did not expect it to occur. She has adapted though and has plans to help her find a job before March, when she is officially laid

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