Extract Ethyl Cinnamate, Cinnamic Acid, And Glucose Essay

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Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to extract ethyl cinnamate, cinnamic acid, and glucose, which are ingredients in the candy, Red Hots. The experiment began with 0.604 grams of a mixture of ethyl cinnamate, cinnamic acid, and glucose. The purity of glucose and ethyl cinnamate was measured through IR Spectroscopy. Melting point was used to determine the purity for cinnamic acid. Using the final amount for each ingredient, we determined the percent yields, which were 64.7% for glucose, 56.2% for cinnamic acid, and 38.8% for ethyl cinnamate. The melting point of cinnamic acid, tested twice, was consistent with the melting point of pure cinnamic acid. The glucose corresponded to the standard IR spectra, indicating we had pure glucose. However, the ethyl cinnamate did not correspond to the standard IR spectra, indicating that the substance was not pure ethyl cinnamate. Glucose and cinnamic acid were adequately pure ingredients, while ethyl cinnamate had a low level of purity.

Red Hots is a type of spicy, small, red candy. Three of the ingredients that are in the Red Hots candy are glucose, ethyl cinnamate, and cinnamic acid. Glucose (Figure 1) is a type of sugar and it is the reason why Red Hots candy is sweet. Currently, glucose is a commonly found sugar within our foods, and has substantial effects on our bodies. In a study about fructose and glucose in foods from 1970 to 2009, found that the availability of glucose was more than 3-times greater than…

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