External And Internal Factors That Affect Individual 's Way Of Acting And Thinking

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I believe that people are the same even though their age varies over time. Little things may change an individual’s behavior and values, but overall, everyone keeps his or hers personality the same. Communication Mosaics 7e book defines the word “attribution” as an act that explains why a person behaves a particular way and what things change the person’s behavior. Many external and internal factors affect individual’s way of acting and thinking. My personal path has been very interesting and I have learned from many mistakes over the years. My point of view is that mistakes are part of growing up and understanding life from a different perspective. In the past few years I have had many learning experiences and I have been forced to appreciate even normal daily life more. There has been many people who have helped guide my path and I have learned a lot from them. Family members, close friends, and new friend from all around the world have shaped my perception of life.

I have changed more in the past couple years than I ever thought I would. I started water skiing 13 years ago and the whole sport gave so much to me. I was able to travel all around the world and practice in exciting places, like Florida and Spain. This sport brought me to the United States and also gave me an opportunity to study at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Unfortunately, two years ago I had an accident where I broke my femur in pieces. This accident changed my aspects of life, sport, and…

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