Explaining a College Degree Essay

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Explaining an Online College Degree
Waldo Correa
February 1, 2015
Judith Sargent

Explaining an Online College Degree With the advancement of communication technology and the availability of the Internet, educators can now deliver learning courses to more people on a daily basis. There may be some people who do not have the knowledge about how to obtain an online college degree, while others do not trust the credibility of an online college degree. By understanding that an online college degree is as valuable as a traditional college degree, many people are choosing to get a college degree online. Online learning is a method of studying in which lectures are broadcast or classes are conducted by correspondence or
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Obtaining a college degree has also become a matter of convenience. Attending a traditional school to obtain a college degree may not meet the needs of many adults who are unable to attend because of constraints in their lives, such as work schedule, transportation, child care, or a disability. Therefore, having access to obtain a college degree on line may be what is best. Time management plays a major role when people are deciding to obtain a college degree. Although many people may have constraints, online education can make it where anyone could attend his or her classes, and do the required assignments at his or her leisure. Any form of online education can provide an interactive experience as well as an “anytime”, “anyplace” learning format. Being able to obtain an online college degree by doing the work when time allows may be very important to some people, but finances are also an important aspect to obtaining a college degree. By not having to travel to a traditional school setting, the cost of transportation does not exist. Also by not having to travel there is no commute time to and from a facility. Choosing a school to attend can also be a task in itself. Many colleges now offer online course for obtaining a degree. When trying to find a school online to obtain a college degree, one must take into consideration the credibility of the school, the time that it

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