Explain The Three Conditions For Causal Inference

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Exam 1
Psych 301W
1. The two reasons it is important to go to the original source (i.e., the research report) when evaluating a media report of research is to learn more about the methods and the procedures of the research. The methods section explains the materials that were used in the research. The procedure section explains how the research was conducted and how the data was collected.
2. An experiment is used to understand the cause of a phenomenon by describing the three conditions for causal inference an experiment meets. The first condition for causal inference is covariation of events. This inference examines the relationship between variables. The second condition for causal inference is time-order relationship. It mainly focuses on the variables over a certain period of time. The final condition for causal inference is the elimination of plausible alternative causes. This inference observes the behavior
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The three risks associated with Internet research (e.g., online surveys or experiments) are physical injury, social injury, and mental or emotional stress. The procedures, that researchers follow to lessen each risk is evaluating each participant’s everyday activity.
5. In naturalistic observation, time sampling is the method of observing different participants at different time intervals. The reason for using time sampling is to either systemically or randomly sample behavior. In naturalistic observation, situation sampling is the observing of behavior in different locations and under a specific circumstance or condition. The reason for using situation sampling is to improve to likelihood of probable findings.
6. One factor that decreases interobserver reliability by not clearly defined and observers left to assume the conclusion for themselves. One factor that increases interobserver reliability by providing clear definitions about behaviors and events to be recorded, by trained observers and by providing feedback about the accuracy of

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