Assignment 1: An Analysis Of The Concepts Of Leadership And Management

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Assignment 1

First Topic

An Analysis of the concepts of leadership and management
• How do leadership and management complements each other?
• Are they the same or different?
• Explain the interplay between concepts

Everybody wants to be a leader but very often we don’ t even know what we mean when we say that, so, let’s begin with the definition:

Are you a Leader?

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.
(Dwight D. Eisenhower)

A leader is a person who influences, coaches, motivates follower/s who have a different mindset, abilities, and skills.

The most effective leaders tend to understand that leading others,
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A leader is not necessarily the right example to follow, however, he/she can use the influence achieved to convert a predictive vision of the future in clear conditions for the followers letting them understand and interpret the future into the present time action plans.

All of us are leaders and followers!

There are several types of leaders, (I will talk about this in a little while) for sure all of them should have the following features in order to be successful:

• Planning – A leader is also a manager, so, planning and managing is the key.
• Communication – this is a mandatory skill for a leader, followers need to understand where we are bringing them and why.
• Decision making – People can be managed also behind the desk, however, the objective is still the same “achieving the goals”
• Delegating – A good leader knows the staff who is leading which means being able to assign responsibility to the right people and get things
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For my personal life and career experience, I have seen lot of case like those, I can say that a leader may be able to drive a team also when everybody knows that the goal is unachievable, this happens because followers/team trust their leader.
A specific case I can think of is in the company where I work for, sometimes high level Management sets up the wrong target for sales reps which is very demotivating, the leader in that case has to keep the team motivated and assure that the next quarter they consider each rep individually to set up properly the goals for everyone.

In this case followers trust the leader because he is taking care of the team assuring everybody receives the same treatment and have the same possibility to succeed, giving also spot prize based on performance during a tough Quarter may encourage sales reps to exceed in terms of performance.

In most companies leader and manager are usually two different persons.

The relation between both concepts “leadership & Management” is very thin, because unless we have a leader who is also a great manager (it happens not often) we’ll need both figures in the company if the organization wants to run a proper line

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