Essay on Explain Child Protection in the Wider Concept

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Explain child protection within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people.

Today we use the term safeguarding instead of child protection because it covers a much broader range. These changes were influenced by the first Joint Chief Inspectors’ safeguarding report 2002 and formalised in the Every Child Matters legislation outlined in the Children Act 2004. By safeguarding a child or young person we ensure they get the very best of the opportunities available to them for them to achieve the best of their potential while keeping them safe from bullying, crime, accidents, neglect and abuse.
Safeguarding is a fundamental part of our every day activities with children and young people in the most basic of things from
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However activities like this are not always enough to prevent bullying happening and it is necessary to talk to the victims and bullies individually and possibly even call in the parents for their support and help in getting to the bottom of the problem. If the bullying is regarding a particular issue e.g. death, health issues. The teacher may well produce an educational programme for the classes concerned about the issue in class, but must be careful not to focus on any particular child.
 First Aid Policy – School recognises their responsibility to provide first aid and must ensure that staff, pupils and any visitors while on site have access to adequate facilities and materials at all times during the working day that are appropriate to the circumstances. Recommendations are that there should be a minimum ratio of 1:100 fully qualified first aiders to people in school and that all members of P.E staff are fully qualified in first aid at work (FAAW). In the event of an accident an emergency aid person may be first on site but should then call a more qualified person, unless the accident is minor. If the pupil requires hospital attention the parents must be contacted and told to

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