Experimental Study On Heating Turning Of Bearing Ring Essay

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Experimental Study on Heating Turning of Bearing Ring
Xu Lanying1 Wu Qiang1 Wu Fangzheng2 Qin Mengyang1
(1 College of electromechanical engineering, GuangDongPolytechnic Normal University, Guangzhou 510635, China
2Department of Computer Science and Technology, Central South University, Changsha,410083.China)

Abstract: For the bearing ring is easy to appear fatigue failure, the heating turning method is proposed for outer circle of the bearing to achieve better surface quality to improve the service life of the bearing ring. In this paper after the inner circles of the bearing rings are pre-heated at the condition of 20℃,100℃,160℃and 240℃ respectively, and maintained the corresponding temperature, then the outer circles of the bearing rings start to hard turning. comparison experimental results show that heating hard turning will help to reduce the roughness of the machined surface when the inner circle of bearing rings is pre-heated to 160℃, the surface residual compressive stress increases significantly, the processed surface texture is smooth and neat, track of tool feed motion is clear. The heating cutting method obtains a uniform saw tooth shaped chip, and the chip shape is in a spiral shape. Compared with ordinary hard cutting, the heating cutting process is more stable, which shows that the heating cutting can obtain good surface integrity, meanwhile it will not lead to additional work hardening.
Keywords: Turning; Residual; Stress; Surface; Integrality;…

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