Essay on Experimental Psychology Proposal

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The Effects of Genre of Music on Memory Retention


The existing experiment was conducted to confirm the effects of genre of music on memory retention. With the knowledge that music does have an effect on human mind and body, background information and our previous experience with music gave us this hypothesis. Certain types of music are known to activate the left and right parts of the brain, which maximizes learning and aids in memory retention (Heathman,2011). Responses to music are easy to be detected in the human body. Classical music from the baroque period causes the heart beat and pulse rate to relax to the beat of the music. As the body becomes relaxed and alert, the mind is able to concentrate more easily.
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H1 –Sgenre of music affects the retention of information in memory of students from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Significance of the Study
This study will serve as the guidelines to student, faculty, and other researchers to be able to discover an effective way of retaining an information in our memory. This will also serve as a reference for future studies about music and retention of information.
The participants were thirty students from College of Arts and Sciences department of New Era University. The thirty students were randomly selected and voluntarily performed the said experiment with proper instruction.
A post- test only design was used to examine the effect of two genres of music- classical and rock, to the retention of information in the memory of the participants. The Independent variable is the genre of music and the dependent variable is the retention of information.
The materials that were used in this experiment were music players, headset or headphone, a copy of the excerpt that will be memorized, and a timer.
Rock Music used: Slayer from the south (Instrumental)
Classical Music used: Canon D (Instrumental)
Excerpt from Nicholas Sparks’ novel, Dear John (For Rock Music) “I’ve worked with soldiers on all sides of political spectrum: I’ve met some whoted

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