Experimental Program : Specific Consideration And Specimens Design

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Experimental Program:
Specific consideration and Specimens design:
The most of recent observations of damaged RC structures subjected to sever earthquakes have indicated that total collapse of several structural buildings was because of the column failures. In other view, many of existing reinforced concrete buildings often constructed based on either older codes or inadequate construction practice, before the modern approaches were incorporated. In light of modern seismic design codes, those columns may not have adequate amount of lateral confinement reinforcement to resist severe seismic loads.in other words, the seismic performance of their major elements such as columns may be significantly poor , and as a result, they behave in brittle manner which can lead to sudden and catastrophic failures, particularly in developing countries(e.g., Sheikh and li 2007, Rousakis et al.2007;Sharma et al.2007;Benzaid et al.2008;Luca et al.2011; Pessiki et al.20011).
So, how this research can play an active role in providing a well-confinement, particularly for those columns that may need major repairs? Well; In order to achieve a reliable and an efficient external confinement that can ensure large deformation under seismic load before failure and provide an adequate resistance capacity to weakly-confined (RC) columns in the case of seismic events, This scientific article is therefore aimed at giving a significant attention , which can be a specially additional or further aim in this…

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