Experiment: Mealworms Response To Dark And Light

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Mealworms Response to Dark and Light
Sujit Vankineni

Introduction: Mealworms are baby versions of adult black beetles. Mealworms are also considered the larvae stage of the black beetles. The mealworm has a hard outer body called the exoskeleton which is used for burrowing. The mealworms shed their skins a few times as they grow in a process called molting. The mealworm has four stages of growth which include egg, larvae (the mealworm), pupa, and the adult (the black beetle). Mealworms enjoy cool places and can be found in cabinets, barns, cellars, basements or basically any place that is cool. Mealworms get their water from fruits and vegetables. Mealworms favorite foods are oatmeal, cornmeal, or any grains that are crushed such as milo and wheat. In the wild though
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In our experiment we attempted to find out how the mealworms react to the light and dark. We put 10 mealworms in a chamber and timed them as they moved from light to dark or dark to light. Our group shone a light on a chamber and covered the other chamber to make it dark. In, our mealworm experiment the independent variable was the “time”. The dependent variable for the mealworm experiment was the number of mealworms that left when it was covered in the light or dark. The constant for the experiment was the number of mealworms in the chamber which was 10. The control group for the experiment was if the chamber was filled with light or no light (dark). In this experiment there are a couple of terms that have to be defined first is “independent variable”. Independent variable is the variable that you change, for example, if a scientist conducts an experiment to test the theory that a vitamin could extend a person’s life expectancy than the independent variable is the amount of vitamin given to the test subject. The dependent variable is the variable that you measure, for example, of a scientist is testing the impact of a drug on

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