Experiential Marketing Essay

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Name: Ali Almas
Student Number: S00155721
Apprentice Ireland 2010
Experiential Marketing
Apprentice Ireland 2010
Experiential Marketing

Q1: identify and discuss any organisational issues within each team which you feel merits discussion. (These issues can be negative or positive or indeed a mixture of both).
One issue that arises in Niamh team is when her team members suggest two ideas, first was of a juggler who will juggle and the second idea was of a model dressed in bikinis with a large snake. When Niamh is informed about these ideas, she agrees on the juggler but when she hears the idea of the model dressed in bikinis she straight away says no to that idea.
This is where I see that Niamh has good perception
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During the event I saw that Niamh team displayed a green carpet to create a farm theme and displayed Connacht Gold product in a fridge just like they would in a shop by doing this Niamh team showed the product of the company and showed where all of Connacht Gold products are coming from.
As For Tile Style Company Niamh team did brilliant by bringing the shoe bath to the event that really promoted the company’s product and its creativity. Also by hiring an artist to draw pictures of the audience on to the tile was a brilliant idea, by doing this Niamh’s team really delivered the company’s product straight into the people’s hand. People were lining up to get their picture on the tile and take it home with them.
Michael team also did an excellent job in terms of the 7P’s, For the laser eye surgery Michael she put up a golf game where guest wear glasses that would make their vision go blur and ask them to take a shot and then take off their glasses. This show how effective, Laser eye surgery can be. I think by doing this Michael really portrayed the product of the Wellington’s eye clinic.
The heat sensing camera for senator windows was also a great idea. The Manager of Senator windows wanted customers to see that their windows are built to keep the heat inside and by putting up a heat sensor camera right behind the senator window and then asking guest to stand right in front of the heat seeking camera,

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