Essay on Experiencing African Arts Festival : African Art Festival

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Experiencing African Arts Festival
African Art Festival is a St. Louis tradition in the city. It’s sponsored by Washington University, Saint Louis Zoo, Saint Louis Art Museum, Office of Minority Health, and Recycling on the Go organization. The festival was located in Forest Park in St. Louis. Over half of the park was filled with African artists, vendors, and african musicians and dancers. The festival was a three day long event. May 28th - until May 30th. Each day the event started at 10 and ended between 6pm and 8pm. The weekend affair attracts people from the St. Louis area and out of town guests. The festival is to celebrate and understand the mass culture of the many Africans in this country. Also the festival allows other cultures to learn the significance of the culture and their customs and traditions. “The mission of the festival is to increase the awareness of the global contributions of African people and people of African descent have made through art, cultural, and educational programs.”
The African Art festival was held in and outside of Forest Park. Inside of the pillars were all the african artists and their work, as well live artists created pieces on the spot for people. Surrounding the inside were food vendors serving traditional African meals. Keeping the mission in mind all the participants of the festival had the opportunity to get their brand out there and sell pieces. Both on the inside and outside there were small boutiques setting up their booths…

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