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  • Reflection On St. Louis Crisis Nursery

    Journal 2 This week I was able to do a small site visit when I turned in my paperwork. Unfortunately, I was not able to see where they kept the children because my background check and other important information had not yet been processed, but I was still able to get a good idea of what volunteering at the St. Louis Crisis Nursery will be like. When I first pulled up, I was very surprised at the building the nursery was in. I was expecting a fun environment which would be filled with toys scattered around in the grass and playground equipment. However, the building was old and the neighborhood was not in a better part of town which surprised me. It was right alongside of a busy road where lots of vehicles were whizzing by. I felt immediately overwhelmed by the neighborhood and area. The area I grew up in, there…

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  • Analysis Of St. Louis Blues

    Listening to the music produced by Bessie Smith called St. Louis Blues, some musical aspects come out clearly. Coming to be known as one of the fundamental jazz plays in history, it has comprised of the blues aspect in the rhythmic flow, a quality that had not been explored. The song by Bessie Smith uses the famous saxophone as the foremost redundant melodic flow that accompanies by Bessie Smith singing. There is also the vibraphone that is played in the background. The combination of these…

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  • St. Louis Smart City

    St. Louis, Missouri Interagency Smart City Program Need & Readiness Assessment While the Department of Transportation provided explicit criteria for evaluating a city’s merit to receive support under its Smart City sharing economy program, Smart City programs being offered by other agencies did not. The following review of select programs within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Commerce (DOC), Department of Energy (DOE), and Department of Justice (DOJ) applies the…

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  • St Louis Zoo Research Paper

    The Saint Louis Zoo The Saint Louis Zoo was voted second best zoo in the United States in a USA Today poll where they had the people who go to these zoos vote. The zoo is home to over 15,000 animals per their website. Many of them are rare and endangered species. They have some exhibits that they charge for but admission to the zoo is free. The Mission of the Saint Louis Zoo is to conserve animals and their habitats through animal management, research, recreation, and educational programs…

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  • St. Louis Zoo

    Management, Pricing, Strategy, Tourist, Climate Abstract Improved understanding of the many interfaces between weather, climate and society today can provide an improved baseline when modeling human-behavior under future scenarios of climate change. Within the largely-outdoor economic segment of tourism, recreation, and leisure (TRL), previous research has shown how both weather and climate impact the industry. This paper expands on such research by reviewing how weather possibly influences…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To A Holocaust Museum

    For my site visit, I visited the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center. It is located at 12 Millstone Campus Drive in St. Louis, Missouri. I am extremely happy that I was able to do this visit here. I have always been very interested in the Holocaust and am always open to learning more about it. By doing the site visit here I was able to better understand the background information and what all goes into preparing a museum for visitors to come visit. I learned a lot and while I was there, the…

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  • Central West End Research Paper

    Many of us have heard of the Central West End, but we do not know where it is or where it starts when entering St. Louis. Well, Central West End Starts at West of Midtown and runs down the city corridor (History of St. Louis Neighborhoods), which is a belt of, land connecting two areas together (Merriam-Webster Online). The neighborhoods are North Delmar Boulevard, South Oakland, Chouteau Avenues, West DeBaliviere, and lastly Forest Park by Vandeventer Avenue (History of St. Louis…

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  • Elijah Parish Lovejoy Analysis

    The country was divided on the subject of slavery especially in Alton where Illinois was a free state, but St. Louis, Missouri across the river, was considered a slave state. The year is 1837 and the slavery movement is well underway. Many people condone slavery because it will make their life easier. It will cost the owner a lot less to by 2 slaves at $1,500 each, (CITE THIS) than to pay for someone to work their land every year or pay for a maid to clean their house that will cost them…

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  • Favazza's Case Study

    those guilty McDonald’s trips? Favazza’s, on the corner of Southwest and Marconi, is a very classy, well managed restaurant that is sure to make all of their customers leave happy. Favazza’s is a well-known restaurant to those familiar with “The Hill”. It’s a family place, run by a family business. The very first Favazza’s was in Downtown St. Louis, owned by the father of the current owners of Favazza’s on the Hill, Tony and John. Tony and John Favazza have been in the restaurant business their…

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  • Katherine Dunham: African American Culture

    school of Arts and Research in Chicago and the Dunham School in New York. After she disbanded her dance company in 1964, she moved on to becoming a teacher at Southern Illinois University (SIU). Darlene Roy explained that Dunham turned the time of the sensibilities of the black students on campus because there were very few African American professors or artists and residences at that point in time; Dunham gave us a sense of completeness, pride, and sense of owning some portion of that facility.…

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