Experience And Education By John Dewey Essay

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In his book “Experience and Education”, John Dewey introduced a new concept known as an educative experience. An educative experience is comprised of the interaction of the individual and the environment which fosters growth singularly and universally. Growth, according to Dewey, involves the emergence of inquisitiveness, understanding, sympathy, sensitivity, connectedness, sense of belonging, and worldliness. A miseducative experience is also possible where the opposite of these traits are cultivated which stagnates society. In Dewey’s vision of this concept, society would continuously enhance and prosper as a result of the cyclical process of growth and improvement leading to more growth and improvement of society. This succession of growth Dewey named reorganizing experience (Dewey). One of the most invaluable educative experience that I encountered occurred upon my arrival into the new and intimidating high school as a freshman. Joining clubs was high recommended to freshmen as a way to transition and make new friends in a new school environment. My friend asked me to go to this club meeting with them. The club was called TADA which stands for Tolerance Acceptance Diversity Alliance although I did not know that before agreeing to attend the meeting with them. My first meeting at TADA constituted an educative experience for it exposed me to unconditional acceptance of diverse ideas and identities, providing a safe and open environment in which to share knowledge and…

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