Essay on Exile And The Inevitable Change

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Exile and the Inevitable Change In life, change, no matter how extreme, is the one element a person can always count on occurring in their life; change will happen; however, how one accepts and grows from these transformations and how they adapt to what they bring on. Many of us human beings are afraid of change (metathesiophobia) and how it could affect our niches, for better or for worse, but learn to overcome it and gain wisdom from the struggles brought on; but when one refuses to comply to the shifts, they become afraid and vexed by anything different from what they imagined. A man displaying such negative personal attributes can be found perfectly described in Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo, the protagonist and fellow metathesiophobic, turns the tide of the novel in his African tribe, the Umuofia, during the imperialistic 1800’s; he is a man of poor descent who made a life for himself and his family that he is proud of yet never fully content with. Due to an accidental gunfire by our lead himself, he and his family are banished from their homeland to a land unfamiliar. In this time of exile, Okonkwo finds time of alienation and enrichment while illuminating the deeper meaning of the novel. In his time of anguish, Okonkwo had dealt with great alienation from all that he knew and created, completely ripped from his greatest achievements, left to start over in a land unfamiliar beside his family and bruised mindset. All of what he holds…

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